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CRES approved producers get the benefits of working directly with qualified and efficient underwriters to suit their potential clients. With no minimum productivity rate, CRES allows our appointed brokers to submit the business as they find it without subjecting them restrictive monthly quotas. Appointed producers also receive the benefit of scheduled commissions based on the premium bound.


After 16 years of experience, CRES recently opened their programs up to wholesale producers. Following the same hard working and dedicated attitude shown in the years prior, we now believe that we can offer both our knowledge and the resources to provide you the service you need.



Access to CRES Exclusive Products

• With an appointment from CRES, you will now be able to receive commissions based of the business bound. With products available customized to your needs, the coverage you bind will come with it’s own reward.


No Minimum Requirements

• We believe in going against the way of many MGAs in the market by allowing our appointed producers the freedom to send in what business they have, when they have it. As we do not have a minimum quota to meet monthly or annually, appointments with CRES means there is no pesky representative waiting for your next submission. We believe that, as long as you receive what’s needed, we’re happy with what you can offer.


Dedicated Underwriters

• CRES will assign and underwriter, once appointed, to work hand in hand in customizing terms to your specific needs. By cutting out any middleman to receive terms, our underwriters will be dedicated and efficient in providing you with additional support and updates throughout the quoting process.

To Become Appointed:

Please complete and return the producer’s packet (see link below)

along with a copy of your license,

tax ID, and E&O declarations page


It's that easy! Once received, you will be entered into our system and an Underwriter will be contacting you shortly to process any potential business.

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